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Month: Mar 2014

What Tetris taught me about life

5 years ago

Time spent commuting on the Tube is my least favourite. In order to cope, I sometimes revert to a childhood obsession – playing Tetris. Recently, I read a research paper claiming that even moderate playing (let’s say half an hour a day for three months) boosts cognitive brain functions such as critical thinking, reasoning and […]


Relaxation technique: Toes exercise

5 years ago
Toes Exercise

When you are stressed your body may become tense so you can try a simple relaxation technique using your toes to release the tension. – You can either sit upright in a chair or lie on your bed. – Close your eyes. – Take a deep breath in through your nose whilst curling your toes […]


What psychological techniques can do for us?

5 years ago
Psychological Techniques

At times we all struggle with something: negative thoughts, fears, urge for social withdrawal, difficulties with sleep, challenging relationships with others… The list can go on.. Psychological techniques can act as the missing piece in how we can deal with our challenges more effectively. Not all will work for us, but one or a combination […]