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My Psychology Clinic offers the following services.

Psychological assessment

A process of using a combination of techniques and tools (e.g. interview, behavioural observations, measures and questionnaires) to help assess behaviour, personality and capabilities, which can be used to refine a diagnosis and plan treatment.

Neuropsychological assessment

A comprehensive assessment that covers a range of cognitive domains, including intelligence, learning, memory, receptive and expressive language, visuo-spatial reasoning, motor functioning, executive functioning and psychopathology which can be used to refine a diagnosis, plan treatment, or establish a baseline against which improvement or deterioration can be compared.

Psychological treatment

A therapeutic process that can help people understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviours and how to take control over them in order to respond with effective coping skills in challenging situations.

Rehabilitation therapy

An intervention that can help people understand their cognitive, emotional and behavioural difficulties following damage to the brain and help them find ways to work around these problems in their everyday life.