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One-Off Skype Session

My Psychology Clinic offers a one-off consultation session via Skype to anyone around the world who urgently needs to speak with a psychologist and get a professional view on any matter of their concern. This offer is only for new clients who can instantly request a session and follow a quick and immediate secure payment process via Paypal. We will then contact you via email soon after to agree on a day and time for your Skype session. This one-off session is an offer; it lasts for 60 minutes, costs only £110, and does not require commitment to ongoing therapy. The sessions can take place in English or in Greek.

Any further sessions, either short- or long- term, may be requested following this one-off session. This service falls under My Private Therapy Clinic’s regular terms and conditions. You can inquire about them here.

If you have a Skype account and are interested in this offer, please complete the following form.