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Here you can read what clients and colleagues who worked with Dr Patapia Tzotzoli say about My Psychology Clinic’s services.

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Just to say thank you for all your help as I do believe I wouldn't have done as well without your help.
Student, UK
You have been absolutely tremendous for me – you have helped me through one of the darkest moments in my life and I really don’t believe that I would have been able get through it without the support and guidance you provided. When I first came to see you I felt completely broken – today I am stronger, more confident and have a much more positive frame of mind about the rest of my life. One of the key things that you have been able to do is give me a different perspective on things that I hadn’t ever considered. You have opened my mind and made me so much more aware of who I am and the all the dynamics that have been involved in my situation. You have pushed me hard – and for that I will be forever grateful.
IT consultant, UK
You had a great impact in my life,disproportionate to the amount of time we have come to known each other
Medical physics consultant, USA
I really appreciated the scientific approach you took to my treatment in terms of wanting to gather 'data' and then analyse that to reach conclusions and solutions. That appealed to my way of thinking and gave me more confidence in the process and the chances of success, which I think was important for me sticking with it.
Investment manager, UK
You really helped me improve my life. Thank you.
IT company director & Housewife, UK
The friendliness and intimacy I felt, helped us to analyse and find a solution to every problem I was bothered with, without hesitation or fear that I would be judged. Thank you for everything.
Student, Greece
What I learned from our session is to have control of my mind and my thoughts. My panic attacks stopped and I learned what I need to do. I learned how to think differently.
Housewife & mother to be, UK
Thank you for everything I learned from you. I learned to have more confidence in myself and to speak better. In case I need you again, I will not hesitate to get in touch with you.
Lecturer, Amsterdam
I have learned to think multi-faceted and to cope more effectively with difficulties.
Caregiver, Greece
I am so thankful for your help. A lot is falling into place now.
Investment bank manager, UK
You have seen the most difficult days of my life so far; I still remember the session I couldn't help my tears. Now, looking back, I can see how our sessions have shaped my current perspective towards everything, and more particularly towards concepts such as "love", "relationship", and "expectation". Regardless of what life brings for me with this new relationship, I am eternally happy that I had the chance to better know myself, thanks to you and your conscientiousness.
Graduate student assistant, UK
Thank you for the encouragement and for helping me to strengthen the comfort I have in my own skin. It felt so good to recap this past year and the strides I/we have made! The collective work we've done has hugely affected my life and transformed the negativity into knowledge, compassion and confidence. I left your office the other day feeling super inspired and motivated. I still have that energy!
Director of Marketing and Investor Relations, UK
I have to say that overall I found all the sessions were quite productive and helped me address certain issues of my character plus also the practical plan you suggested on last session I believe will help ease off certain pressure from our daily lives.
Shipbroker, UK
I’ve learned techniques to help me stay in control when I feel very anxious. Also I now understand some of the thoughts which have been making me feel this way. I liked the pace which we worked at. Additionally, the convenience of being able to conduct sessions via SKYPE. I’m now following you on Twitter. Many thanks for your help.
Bank reconciliation manager, UK
I was not a firm believer of your profession, yet 6 months later i can say it is the best thing i could have ever done. In fact I strongly believe it’s the best thing anyone could invest in whether they have an overwhelming challenge or even if they just struggle with the little things in life, like stress, relationships, decisions…. I really enjoyed the sessions and I saw myself grow in many ways. I hope this stays with me even when things get rough again!
Advertising account manager, UK
I understand myself better, my driving forces and motivations. I realise my behaviour was more complex than I had appreciated. It all had a purpose and was solution focused rather than just “talking. I am very impressed with Patapia’s knowledge and her ability to cut through a complicated web of thoughts and behaviours to establish my key driving forces. I am much more optimistic about my career and relationships and feel more confident about the future. I would not hesitate in recommending My Private Therapy Clinic to anyone facing challenges or issues managing their own compulsive behaviours.
Financial director, UK
I enjoyed that I came to you because of one specific problem, but it enriched my life as a whole.
Student, UK
I have learnt that I am not the most problematic person in the world. Everyone has his own fears, anxieties, insecurities. I have learnt that my way of thinking is responsible for seeing everything with a particular way. I am trying to be aware of my thinking in order to feel better. Also, to treat to myself with self-kindness and self-compassion. Thank you for waking me up! Your help is invaluable! I feel differently, I feel improved and I will continue.
Medical Physicist, UK
Thank you, this has been a life changing experience for me. I've already started to put into practice the tools and techniques you have given me and I'm starting rip the benefits of that already. I no longer fear what the future holds for me, it’s the complete opposite. I'm really excited to see where living/working to my full potential takes me.
Photographer, UK
What I liked the most about the sessions was that I felt someone actually understood me, that what I was feeling was not some sort of imaginary experience but in fact it was a condition, like a cold is, and that there are ways to work with it, solve it. I liked your ability to grasp so fast who I am and where I come from. To challenge me on my weaknesses and helping me getting emotions out I usually leave suppressed for too long. I liked the safety of the room, the ability to cry without being judged, to be weak without regretting it. I also liked the fact that i felt I was talking to a kind of.


Patapia was perhaps the first psychologist in the world appointed to work supporting patients with brain tumors being treated by radiosurgery (2009 – 2010). In addition to support, the work involved experimental design and analysis. She brought to this difficult area an enthusiasm which illuminated the department.
Mr Mike Torrens, Neurosurgeon, Director of Gamma Knife Department at Hygeia Hospital, Greece
I was particularly impressed by the letter from Patapia Tzotzoli. Her work was incredibly impressive and I think [the patient’s] ability to cope with her functional gut disorders has been transformed by her approach.
Dr Ian Christopher Forgacs, Consultant Physician, King’s College Hospital, UK
Patapia is highly organised clinical psychologist and researcher. She is highly motivated and effective as a practitioner.
Dr Nicky Veronica Thomas, Consultant Health Psychologist, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, UK
I provided Patapia with supervision and mentoring on her developing career and clinical cases (2008-2010). I was impressed by her professionalism, commitment to her work and her clients as well as her own continuing development. Working as a freelance psychologist she successfully managed her client cases which presented with a wide range of difficulties.
Dr Antony Vassalos, Consultant Psychologist, UK
It was helpful to have your supervision. I felt you had a nice empathetic stance and you were very good at helping me to consider wider issues. I felt you had the right balance of scaffolding and direction for my needs. I thought you asked good questions to help me reflect on the case and my own understanding of therapeutic models.
Chartered Clinical Psychologist, London
My experience with you as a supervisor has been fantastic. Your extensive knowledge about psychological theory coupled with the structured delivery of our sessions has facilitated my ongoing training immensely. Furthermore, you provide a safe and encouraging environment, enhancing the supervisory process. It is a delight to work with you!
Trainee Counselling Psychologist, London