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Embracing Differences: My Leadership Purpose in Private Practice

My Story

My journey to date has always been marked by a palpable sense of being ‘different.’ I was that child who moved to an island from the bustling Greek capital. In my family, I stood out with my fervent desire for advanced education. Despite challenges, I defied the odds to earn a place and graduate at esteemed universities. Lived in UK for many years, married someone outside my culture and relocated to Canada. These transitions meant constantly acclimating to diverse locations, mentalities, people and cultures. Careerwise, instead of following the traditional NHS career path, I ventured into independent practice where I was an early adopter of online therapy, took the entrepreneurial leap with a digital mental health start-up after winning a business plan competition, and harnessed the power of AI; all well before they became mainstream.

Being different propelled me towards growth, resilience, innovation, and success, all while also cultivating acceptance and compassion in the face of persistent challenges. These experiences shaped my perspective and fueled my dedication to champion those who are different, seek change and personal success. Venturing into psychology was an obvious natural progression.

Core Beliefs: Stance

My work and my life is deeply anchored in my values. I passionately champion innovation and thinking beyond traditional boundaries. I believe in the importance of self-awareness, evolving from merely existing to truly living a better life. I aspire for everyone to pursue a life where work and personal fulfillment seamlessly blend, driving them to serve others and thereby foster community growth.

My Services

Over the years, my suite of services were meticulously crafted. Today, they encompass products designed for personal development and therapy sessions for a select clientele, ensuring a bespoke experience. In addition to these, I offer a complimentary personalised triage service, a testament to my commitment to making premium psychological care accessible to all. Whether it’s individuals seeking therapy, professionals aiming to signpost their clients for psychological input, or organizations looking to expand their mental health network when seeking a mental health professional to support their service users – my triage service bridges the gap, ensuring everyone receives the expert and tailored help they require.

My Style and My Clients’ Experience

My style is intricately woven with attention to detail, efficiency, and warmth. Drawing from a vast reservoir of experience and knowledge, I persistently explore the best solutions, merging traditional methods with groundbreaking ideas to meet objectives and aspirations. Clients receive more than just a service with me; they enjoy a bespoke, one-to-one, personal experience. I strive to empower them, reinforcing their sense of safety and their trust in themselves to realize their objectives.


At its core, my leadership purpose is to stand by and empower those who feel different, to challenge the status quo of mental health services with innovation, and as such to continually raise the standard of care in psychology, all while upholding the highest ethical standards.


Dr Patapia Tzotzoli

Dr. Patapia Tzotzoli founded My Psychology Clinic, which has since become a reputable and well-established clinic dedicated to helping people live well. The clinic offers comprehensive services, including personal development products and private therapy sessions, catering to an exclusive clientele and providing a VIP experience. In her commitment to serve a broader audience, Dr. Tzotzoli offers a complimentary, personalized triage service. This ensures a meticulous assessment of clients’ individual needs and preferences, promptly connecting them with the most suitable mental health professional from her vast and trusted UK network. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of My Psychology Clinic’s services. We eagerly anticipate assisting you on your mental health journey.

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli


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