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MePlusMe videos released to support students’ mental health, wellbeing and study skills during coronavirus pandemic.

4 years ago

In view of what is happening in the world at the moment, and given the unprecedented challenges that our students are currently facing, I decided to release all the videos that we have developed so far in an attempt to support young people at this time.


The ugly side of being “strong” as a woman

5 years ago

At what point was it decided that there are either strong women or soft women in this world? This categorical taxonomy is naïve, if not even dangerous. We are humans and all our traits are better depicted as dimensional scales. In other words, we are both strong and soft at different times in our lives. And this variation is what helps us to grow.


Students’ mental health

6 years ago

I designed MePlusMe so that students can use it at any time they want and get tailored advice about the specific needs they have at that time. The advice is in the form of psychological and educational techniques presented as a package of animated videos.