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MePlusMe videos released to support students’ mental health, wellbeing and study skills during coronavirus pandemic.

4 years ago

In view of what is happening in the world at the moment, and given the unprecedented challenges that our students are currently facing, I decided to release all the videos that we have developed so far in an attempt to support young people at this time.


I love you, but I’ll keep my distance” The avoidant attachment style and four ways to avoid it

5 years ago

Some of you, for different reasons, may maintain some mental distance and an escape route when in a relationship. Instead of expressing your emotions, you supress them and you likely employ several strategies to achieve this.


Techniques to deal with anger

5 years ago
anger techniques

Learning how to manage our anger is a skill that can be learned and we ought to prioritise how to train our mind in order to better manage our emotions in these situations. By doing so, we protect the quality of our relationships with others.