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Understand – Life during Coronavirus



To take control of our current situation, make sure we are following current advice, and avoid feeling distressed, overwhelmed or helpless, it’s important to first make sure we have the knowledge we need to make decisions and take appropriate action.

Here’s a summary of the current situation:

  • Coronavirus is an infectious disease. The current strain is known as Covid-19 and it appears to be spreading further and faster than other types have.


  • Covid-19 spreads when an infected person coughs small droplets containing the virus into the air. These can travel to land on other people’s faces or on surfaces. Other people can become infected if they breathe in these droplets or touch their eyes, nose or mouth after touching surfaces with the virus on.


**We should therefore protect ourselves at all times.**


But protecting ourselves with hand washing, avoiding touching our faces and other strategies appears to not be effective enough to control this outbreak. 

That’s because we now also know that:

  • When an uninfected person comes into contact with someone infected with the virus, they are likely to also become infected.


  • There have been reports that some people may be infected but show no symptoms.
  • Even if an infected person has no symptoms they can still pass the virus on to other uninfected people (who may or may not show symptoms of various severities).  


**This means we have a responsibility to look after each other by social distancing and self isolating now.**


Social distancing and self-isolation are the most efficient ways to break potential chains of transmission and prevent a catastrophic explosion of cases in the next few weeks. This chart illustrates how social distancing for just one day  – by avoiding bar and restaurants, social gatherings, working from home if possible, etc – can help “flatten the curve” and slow down the spread of the virus. Click here to see more charts explaining the coronavirus pandemic. The UK and many other countries have now imposed strict rules on the reasons for which we can leave home.


To further understand the pandemic and how your choices affect the spread of Covid-19, click these links:

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Dr Patapia Tzotzoli
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