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Feeling the post-holiday blues? Here is what you can do!

Are you back to your everyday schedule or back to work blues, commuting and fully booked calendars whilst this summer’s holidays already feel like a distant memory?

Keep the summer holiday attitude alive by holding on to little luxuries during your everyday life. Here is a list of ideas that you can try to implement straight away!

• print that favourite photo of yours and keep it with you, frame it and put it in a prominent place in your house or even use it as a screensaver 

• if during your holidays, you enjoyed playing a board game or taking a morning walk, keep doing this once a week 

• plan your next trip so you have something to look forward to 

• write down what would you like to do if you were still on holidays and then choose one activity from your list, break it down into steps and schedule each of them into your calendar within the coming weeks

• resist rushing me-time – in the morning get up early enough to stretch and enjoy your breakfast, in the evening, make time for your loved ones (call them, write to them, hug them, chat with them, take a brief walk around the block together) or go to bed early to read a few pages from a book, or turn off the lights and listen to your favourite tunes 

If you find that none of these help you shake the post-holiday blues then you might need to look a bit deeper for the source of this before figuring out how to address it. Could it be that what you are really unhappy about is your everyday work-life balance or everyday routine?

If that is the case, then book an appointment to see me so we can work together to find your answers and turn things around for you!


Dr Patapia Tzotzoli

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli founded My Psychology Clinic where she gained her reputation working as Clinical Psychologist with clients on one to one basis in London and worldwide via online therapy. She specialises in adult mental health and couples therapy. Studied at the universities of East London, Oxford and Cambridge and trained at the Institute of Psychiatry where she worked across world-renowned NHS Trusts.

Dr Patapia TzotzoliMedical LiveWire Award Winner

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