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Engage – Life during Coronavirus

1. Understand
2. Prepare
3. Engage
4. Persevere



Now that we all need to stay at home, it is imperative that we redefine our rituals and maintain a structure and a routine in our day by creating a timetable for ourselves.

Take a look at these ideas here if you need inspiration for your schedule.

You can then create a weekly schedule with the days listed horizontally across the top and the time vertically down the left side (like this one) and fill it in with what you decided to do when. If you like, you can display the schedule on your wall where you can see it and remember your plans.

If you live with a partner, your family or flatmates you can create a household schedule together because it’s important that everyone is included in this agreement.

You can begin by having an honest and open discussion today. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • How do you want to begin and end your weekdays and weekends? 
  • What do you expect of yourself and others during the day (e.g. work commitments, chores, exercise, playtime, etc.)?
  • What activities would you like to spend time doing together as a couple/family/flatmates?
  • How can you rely on each other to connect?
  • What do you each have to do for yourselves when you need some space and privacy?


Don’t forget to take a look at these ideas here if you need inspiration for your household schedule.

NOTE: This guide will be updated as necessary, so please avoid quoting or summarising its content in case it changes; instead share a link to the page directly. If you are a colleague and wish to contribute to this guide, please get in touch. If you find this guide helpful, please send me your comments, questions or suggestions. I can update and add to this series of blogs accordingly.


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Dr Patapia Tzotzoli
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