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Getting through the coronavirus pandemic: your mental health guide

The current coronavirus outbreak is a black swan event. The World Health Organization has now designated the rapid global spread of Covid-19 a pandemic. It’s inevitable that we’ll all be affected somehow, either by getting infected or by experiencing disruptions and facing unprecedented challenges in our daily lives. To say the least, this is a difficult situation to be in.

But we can still turn things around and get the virus under control, and it’s our duty to come together as a united front in our efforts to do so. What we need to do in order to succeed will not necessarily be easy and we may not like it. But over the next months we must keep it together to reach the other side of this unfortunate situation and return to our everyday normality again.

Keeping it together is our individual responsibility, yet the situation we find ourselves in also offers us a unique opportunity to learn some new skills. Adversity helps us build resilience so we can better cope with life’s inevitable difficulties – which is an invaluable attribute to nurture and something I’m passionate about in my work.

To this end, I have put this guide together as a humble attempt to reach out to as many of you as possible and help you support yourselves during these arduous times. The series of blogs that you can find links to below provide techniques and resources for more information and practical steps you can take to look after your mental health during this time of unprecedented change.


We can begin to do our part by tuning in our mindset and consciously committing to do what it takes, however uncomfortable that may be. We must accept the challenge to learn and avoid shirking the responsibility, running away or turning a blind eye. We can achieve this by taking control of our mind, body and emotions, and by believing in our abilities to see this through. In the end, our efforts will benefit ourselves, as well as our whole community.


These are the steps that can help us to face our current situation and respond more effectively. Click on each step to explore them all in more depth.

1. Understand
Ensure you have the necessary knowledge before making decisions and taking action

2. Prepare
Looking ahead and planning to be prepared for what’s to come

3. Engage
Set up a routine to keep your mental and physical health in shape and stay engaged with life

4. Persevere
Make sure you keep up the good work and keep going!

With warm wishes for everyone to stay safe well.

At your service,

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli

This guide will be updated as necessary, so please avoid quoting or summarising its content in case it changes; instead share a link to the page directly. If you are a colleague and wish to contribute to this guide, please get in touch. If you find this guide helpful, please send me your comments, questions or suggestions. I can update and add to this series of blogs accordingly.


Dr Patapia Tzotzoli

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli founded My Psychology Clinic where she gained her reputation working as Clinical Psychologist with clients on one to one basis in London and worldwide via online therapy. She specialises in adult mental health and couples therapy. Studied at the universities of East London, Oxford and Cambridge and trained at the Institute of Psychiatry where she worked across world-renowned NHS Trusts.

Dr Patapia Tzotzoli
Medical LiveWire Award Winner

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