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Love? We are defined (and exist) by the undefinable

6 years ago
Psychological Strategies

An enigma across disciplines remains unsolved – from poets to philosophers and neuroscientists. Indescribable. Intangible. Now, that might be what makes it magic! Someone once said, “I love you but I don’t know what love is” and I found it the most honest self-deception I have ever heard. How can people claim words that are […]


Sharing stories

6 years ago
Sharing Stories

In my clinical work, I have the privilege to travel into the human soul where at times I see its darkest shades or pure beauty. Somehow.. both injured. In my blog I will be sharing with you what they taught me and in this way their personal torments will serve a whole new purpose.. that.. […]


What does “Psychology” mean?

7 years ago
Psychological Assessment Services

Psyche in Greek means soul but encapsulates within it the notion of mind and spirit. The suffix -ology means the “study of”. These two together give birth to “Psychology” meaning the study of the mind. Simple.. beautiful.